'Portals' by Robert Marshall MRSS at Devon Sculpture Park

A series of bold conceptual art installations adorn Exeter's Capability Brown gardens

Jun 17, 2022

‘Portals: In Search of a New World (amongst the beauty and decay of the old world)’ - a series of powerful conceptual art installations by Robert Marshall MRSS are now featuring at Devon Sculpture Park.

Bold conceptual art in the park

Robert Marshall’s works are deliberately big, bright and bold. They ask the viewer to reconsider how individuals impact the environment. They ask us how to cease being passive, blinkered watchers of deleterious effects of environmental damage and become active negotiators and protagonists to force change through our own personal choices.

‘Re-Evolving Doors’

'In Search of a New World…’ comprises four large scale conceptual sculptures offering different pathways via portals into possible worlds. They open liminal spaces and allow you to peer into them through doors left ajar.

By helping us look inside/out and outside/in Marshall encourages the viewer to not settle for one utopian vision but contemplate the many possible outcomes and journeys through a series of revolving doors.


‘Temple of Universal Re-Thinking’. Over 30 ft tall.

Robert Marshall MRSS’ ‘Portals: In Search of a New World’ can be seen at Devon Sculpture Park from 25 June 2022. Book your visit today.

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